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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And now the pressure sets in

Okay, now I'm going to possibly going to go insane. And trust me, that will not be a pretty sight. I think the whole I am a master's student with tons of work is really sinking. Not that I really want to tell any one that when they ask "how are classes?" Of course I have to say just dandy, cause if I said that they are work then I would have to go on about it is in more details. Which I really don't want to. And really classes aren't that bad, I think my big thing is adjusting to the teaching styles of the professors.

To add to the fact that I am obviously struggling, I some how forgot to put my reflection about my interview on my assignment. Thankfully David Lankes is a nice guy and will let me put it here in my blog. (Which I also some how managed to forget to put into the assessment section. Yes, I'm that good.)

As I mentioned in my report, the "librarian" that I talk to was the teen coordinator for my home town library. I was part of the summer book club Daily held while I was in high school; I greatly admired the work she had done with the group. Daily is a big part of the reason that I decided I wanted to become a librarian. I want to do some similar activities to her's in the library, to continue on the practices. It was great to sit down and talk to her about the situation the library is in. How the economy is effecting it with all the budget cuts. As well as all the joys that she finds in her job. As we talked, I was further remained of why I want to be come a librarian.


R. David Lankes said...

What a great time to sit and talk with your advisor. Trust me, you are not the only one feeling that sinking feeling (including your advisor). There some time and stress management tricks he/she or I could talk about.Now is a good time to take it head on.

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