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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some call it Innovation

As I sat there last night and listened to Dave's "ranting" about innovation, I was further encouraged in the path that I want to take into the field of librarianship. I received my undergraduate degree in Recreation Management and Youth Leadership. When people hear that and then hear that I am getting a Master in Library Sciences I often get a strange look. I guess I can see where there having trouble making the connection, however to me they fit hand in hand. (And thankfully, I have had a librarian herself tell me that it will help to have that background.)

To me they fit together well because I want to work in a public library as the children or juvenile director. In that capacity I want the library to not just be a place where they come to read, but a place there they come to have fun doing all sorts of activities. Like the librarians that spoke last night, it isn't only about books in the library.

To me, my innovation will be most seen in the events that are going on in my library. It will be about how I get the community involved and utilizing the library.


Sarah said...

Hey Lora,

I think there are some fantastic possibilities for applying your undergrad degree in a children's & youth director role at a public library! What unique programs you'll think up where kids can get involved in more ways than just sitting and listening to stories! Kids who are kinesthetic learners or have ADD, etc. will be drawn in hordes to the fun activities you dream up. Keep blogging till then so I can steal ideas from you!!

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