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Monday, September 13, 2010

Say it Stupid

So if I just sound ridiculous, will people cite my blog as the next best thing? I highly doubt that, but maybe it is worth a try. Though, for me to say ridiculous things I don't have to try, they just come.

To make an another note in relation to the title of this post, I came to realize a big reason why I don't really talk in classes. I know professors are always saying that we need to participate in class, but I am always afraid of sounding ridiculous in front of the whole class. I guess that I should not care so much. So that is what I will try to work on during the semester.

As for the subject matter of class, I found it most interesting the breakdown in the numbers of the types of libraries. I guess that if I had thought of it before, it would make sense that the greatest number there are are school libraries. Though a community has one public library, it is likely to have multiple schools and therefore several school libraries. However, I did not have any deep epiphanies, so this blog is not to insightful.

Random Fact: In order to lessen his debt, Thomas Jefferson sold his personal library to the Library of Congress after it had burned. Jefferson was in the habit of owning every book ever printed.


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