The journey of a future librarian

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Start of a new semester

Disclaimer: To tell you the truth I always blank when I sit down to write a blog. All these good ideas were there before; and they just disappear. So if this post seems a bit disjointed and, well, crappy; I am sorry to those of you who read it.

This past week was the start of my first semester at Syracuse University in my journey to become a librarian. I started it off with IST 618 - and lets just say that all the technical stuff was daunting. However, in IST 511 I was able to feel more at home. Dave Lankes seems to know just how to empower you into getting excited about the field. And all we talked about was the history of Librarianship. I left the class so excited to be a librarian that is not defined by where I work, but by the work that I do.

Random Fact: (This will be the lesser known facts that I got from the lecture that I feel are just fun to know) Dr. Pepper started the first Free Library in Philadelphia. Take that Ben Franklin


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